Chance or Coincidence


Time Out says

Star dancer and single mum, Myriam (Martines), waits for fate to make its next move. Working on a canvas beside a canal in Venice, Pierre Turi (Arditi), an art dealer, happens to forge his 'lost' masterpieces. Myriam and son become part of the frame of his life. Plans are made for a long holiday together, until a yachting accident leaves Martines to make the trip on her own. Camcorder in hand, she creates a video for those she's lost. Lelouch aims for emotions on a global scale, but only in the first half does the result measure up to his ambitions. Arditi's charisma whisks us along, but once he's off the scene, Martines has a task to carry the picture on numbed grief alone. Furthermore, an intersecting plot strand with Hollogne, a college lecturer and filmed-theatre performer, fails to engage. Without a solid grounding in credibility or emotional involvement, the film's edifice threatens to tumble, but then only a lovable madman such as Lelouch would dare to conjure an epic vision from such ramshackle elements in the first place.


Release details

121 mins

Cast and crew

Claude Lelouch
Claude Lelouch
Alessandra Martines
Pierre Arditi
Marc Hollogne
Laurent Hilaire
Véronique Moreau
Patrick Labbé
Geoffrey Holder
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