Cheap Shots

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

Middle-aged Latin loser Louie (Zorich) owns a run-down motel, is penniless, fed up with domestic chores, his obnoxious wife, continual promises of help from her wheelchair-bound father, and life in general. Hardly surprising, then, that Louie's eyes should stray in the direction of a blonde guest who arrives with a male companion: a voyeuristic urge shared by young resident Arnold (Kelly). The two decide to instal a newly-acquired video-camera in the couple's cottage in the hope of recording some frisky action, but what they eventually witness is something they rather wish they hadn't... Ureles and Stoeffhaas extract some marvellous performances from an unknown cast, the result being a fine blend of Tati-esque humour, household drama, and mild eroticism, with occasional unexpected dollops of suspenders, sorry, suspense.

By: DA


Release details

92 mins

Cast and crew

Jeff Ureles, Jerry Stoeffhaas
Jeff Ureles, Jerry Stoeffhaas
Louis Zorich
David Patrick Kelly
Marie Louise Wilson
Clarke Gordon
Patience Moore
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