Chicago 10 and Married Life

THE CHICAGO WAY Abbie Hoffman gets ready for the '60s most famous trial.
Photograph: Paramount Home Entertainment THE CHICAGO WAY Abbie Hoffman gets ready for the '60s most famous trial.

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* Chicago 10 Paramount Vantage, $29.99. This unclassifiable cine-essay from Brett Morgen (The Kid Stays in the Picture) burnishes the Chicago Seven trial with an iGeneration makeover. Alternating between archival footage and animated reenactments, this is the first nonfiction film that plays like a Matrix trailer. The lively vocal cast includes Hank Azaria as Abbie Hoffman and the late Roy Scheider as Judge Julius Hoffman (no relation), who gamely act out the courtroom circus that followed the 1968 Democratic National Convention. The movie’s stylistic eccentricity is a tribute to its protagonists’ rebellious spirit. That such protests would seem surreal or cartoonish today—following a period of profound national apathy—is precisely the point. —Joshua Rothkopf

* Married Life Sony Pictures Home Entertainment; $29.96, Blu-ray disc $38.96. Set in the final autumn before the 1950s, Married Life skips the usual Leave It to Beaver chirpiness, as well as any kind of designer irony. Rather, it’s totally committed. Codes of formality still assert themselves; wives make coffee on demand and husbands are slaves to the grind. But this is also a film in which a rakish bachelor, Richard (Pierce Brosnan), can flirt openly with a widow, and his best friend, Harry (the superb Chris Cooper), can decide to leave his wife because he’s not totally “happy.” —Joshua Rothkopf



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