Chicken and Duck Talk

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Cantonese comedy generally doesn't travel too well, but Michael Hui's comeback movie (he made a series of Tashlin-esque classics in the '70s) would be a riot in any context. Hui plays the stingy, stupid and backward-looking proprietor of a traditional duck restaurant; his meagre turnover plummets when a bright new fast-food chicken joint opens across the street. He frantically tries to stop his resentful staff from defecting, while dreaming up stunts to win back lost customers; the plot is garnished with everything from inspired slapstick to mother-in-law jokes. You could read it as a sardonic commentary on China's often farcical struggle to 'modernise' - except that you'd be laughing too much to think through the parallels.


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Clifton Ko
Michael Hui, Clifton Ko
Michael Hui
Sylvia Chang
Ricky Hui
Lawrence Ng
Lowell Lo
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