Chicken Tikka Masala


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A well-intentioned but simplistic culture clash comedy, set in Preston, in which Jimi Chopra (Chris Bisson) is propelled into an arranged marriage to Simran, a friend of his rather more traditional family. And the rub? Jimi is gay and lives with his boyfriend, Jack (Peter Ash). Not that he's willing to tell this to his parents, who decide on the advice of a priest that the couple must wed within seven days. Cue 'operation fast-track wedding', as one character puts it, eliciting all sorts of tiresome plotting and subterfuge. The set-up is too neat, the execution too simple, but there's still some base humour to be had. At one point, Jimi's poor boyfriend yells, 'It's like being in a really bad episode of "Neighbours"'. You said it, Jack, not us.


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