Child's Play 2

Film, Horror

Time Out says

This perfunctory sequel finds the soul of serial killer Charles Lee Ray (voice by Brad Dourif) still trapped in the body of a Chucky doll, still vainly trying to usurp the more desirable body of sprightly young Andy (Vincent). Conveniently reconstructed from the frazzled ashes of Part One, souped-up Chucky traces Andy to the home of his newly acquired foster parents (Agutter and Graham), spending an inordinate amount of time jumping out of confined spaces, shouting 'Fuck you, bitch!', and slaughtering Andy's nearest and dearest. Since the gaff has long been blown (we know Chucky is alive from the outset), the original's menacing tension is entirely absent. Lafia attempts to compensate by relying heavily on Kevin Yagher's advanced doll animations, but articulated facial features, however clever, are no substitute for thrills. Only in the highly orchestrated, surprisingly gory climax, wherein Chucky's plastic form takes on the sins of the flesh, is there a spark of originality.


Release details

84 mins

Cast and crew

John Lafia
Don Mancini
Alex Vincent
Jenny Agutter
Gerrit Graham
Christine Elise
Grace Zabriskie
Peter Haskell
Brad Dourif
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