Chuck & Buck

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

A comedy about a gay stalker with a mental age of about 12, this is so not-for-everyone! Shot on digital video but looking like Plasticine, it beetles straight for the sexual discomfort zone. Chuck (Weitz) is the straight guy. A record company exec, he lives in an LA villa with his fiancée Carlyn (Colt), but ventures back to the sticks, to pay his respects and offer comfort, when the mother of his former best pal Buck dies. Buck (White) is a strange one. At the funeral, he seems more unhappy about Chuck leaving again than about the death of his mother. He comes on to Chuck in the bathroom: 'Do you remember the games we used to play?' Chuck doesn't - or chooses not to. But Buck doesn't take rejection. He turns up in LA, at Chuck's home and office. When his old friend sends him packing, he writes a play instead, and hires a local theatre to stage it. This deliciously and appropriately odd turn of events lifts the film just when you fear it's about to fold. But it's the insidiously challenging nature of Buck's obsession which makes the movie genuinely unsettling and more than just a goof-off.

By: TCh


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Miguel Arteta
Mike White
Mike White
Chris Weitz
Beth Colt
Lupe Ontiveros
Paul Weitz
Maya Rudolph
Mary Wigmore
Paul Sand
Gino Buccola
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