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Time Out says

Subtitled That's Entertainment - Indian Style, this is basically a compilation film, substituting Indian epics for MGM musicals. As such, despite the coy introductory comments by well-fed stars, the uncertain grasp of film history, and the interchangeability of most of the extracts, it is not without interest as a helping of 'Madras Curry' (the staple Bombay diet of lavish melodramas packed to inordinate length with interminable songs, dances and comic interludes). Unfortunately it also has semi-sociological pretensions, and assembles a dismal collection of stereotypes (supposedly watching the extracts in a sleazy cinema) in an attempt to demonstrate the screen/audience relationship. Their reactions are, quite literally, the pits.


Release details

138 mins

Cast and crew

Krishna Shah
Krishna Shah
Hema Malini
Amitabh Bachchan
Dharmendra Aman
Zeenat Aman
Kim Merchant
Mustacq Merchant