Citizen Verdict


Time Out says

Courtroom TV takes a quantum leap: several million Floridians get their fingers on the innocent/guilty buttons after a three-hour show(biz) trial of the alleged rapist and killer of a celebrity chef; and grant themselves the chance to watch the execution for $19.99 on pay-per-view. Giving this opportunity for death by ballot to the state that may or may not have voted in George Dubya is an unholy alliance: a tough-on-crime governor (Scheider), and all-round reality-media shit Marty Rockman (Springer). Formatted in, as a hands-tied defence lawyer with a streak of respect for the judicial niceties, is Sam Patterson (Assante). Even before the flags start waving in celebration of the triumph of US justice, there's a sense that derision is probably as legitimate a response to Citizen Verdict the movie as it is to Citizen Verdict the TV show. Much of this addled satire/thriller/message movie is energetically declamatory, punchily OTT, economically witty. If it didn't so often shoot itself in the foot, it'd surely zip on to a few year-end guilty-pleasures lists.


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Philippe Martinez
Tony Clarke, Frank Rehwaldt, Kristina Hamilton, Philippe Martinez
Armand Assante
Roy Scheider
Jerry Springer
Justine Mitchell
Raffaello Degruttola
Dorette Potgieter
Clive Scott
Lynn Blades
André Jacobs
Langley Kirkwood
Danny Keogh
Gideon Emery
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