City of Hope


Time Out says

Building contractor Joe (Lo Bianco) is up to his neck in the scratch-my-back ethics of corrupt property developers and politicians. Son Nick (Spano) has been tempted into petty crime. Idealistic councilman Wynn (Morton) is torn between professional ambition and loyalty to local blacks, who accuse him of having sold them down the line. Black teenagers Tito and Desmond are so fed up with being hassled by racist cops that they mug a college professor... These are only a few of the characters and stories that colour Sayles' masterly account of the everyday workings of a contemporary New Jersey city: a genuinely epic, politically astute, profoundly humanist and dramatically gripping study of the conflicts, compromises and power plays that define life in any community on the verge of economic breakdown. As ever, much enjoyment may be had from both the complex, interwoven threads of Sayles' script and the powerful, naturalistic performances. What really impresses, however, is the confidence of Sayles' fluid direction.

By: GA


Release details

130 mins

Cast and crew

John Sayles
John Sayles
Vincent Spano
Joe Morton
Tony Lo Bianco
Barbara Williams
Stephen Mendillo
Chris Cooper
Charlie Yanko
Jace Alexander
Todd Graff
Scott Tiler
John Sayles
David Strathairn
Kevin Tighe
Maggie Renzi
Josh Mostel
Lawrence Tierney
Angela Bassett
Anthony John Denison
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