City of Pirates

Film, Fantasy

Time Out says

Forget the pirates - there aren't any in Ruiz's provocative fairy-tale. But there is a lost boy, who has already massacred his family before he seduces his Wendy, in the shape of a downtrodden servant girl, and transports her to their Neverland (there isn't a city either). If Ruiz's 'free transcription' of Peter Pan sounds more like a subtitled Friday the 13th, it's because he takes the sexual undercurrent of children's literature as seriously as Angela Carter. The atmosphere is magical, perversely playful and macabre: in a moment of pure, surreal poetry, the boy-murderer sails a fleet of burning paper boats on a tide of his victim's blood. What really distinguishes this is a gripping performance by Alvaro as the haunted lover-cum-mother, and the images that are the very stuff of nightmares.


Release details

121 mins

Cast and crew

Raúl Ruiz
Raúl Ruiz
Hugues Quester
Anne Alvaro
Melvil Fouqaud
André Engel
Duarte De Almeida
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