Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Another of those mildly titillating high-school films, soulless and self-satisfied, realising the youthful fantasy of being initiated into the joys of sex by an older woman. Uncritically portraying a group of materialistic pupils (at an expensive academy) for whom education is merely a passport to success, politics don't exist, poverty sucks, and women's panties are collected like trophies, the film has Jonathan and Skip as a couple of pretty little room-mates. Unacceptably still a virgin, Jonathan is packed off to Chicago to bed his first woman, unwittingly meets Skip's 38-year-old mother (Bisset), and is seduced in a glass elevator. Naturally the older, unhappy woman is dumped in favour of male buddyness.


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Lewis John Carlino
Jim Kouf, David Greenwalt
Jacqueline Bisset
Rob Lowe
Andrew McCarthy
Cliff Robertson
Stuart Margolin
John Cusack
Joan Cusack
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