Class Action


Time Out says

Maggie Ward (Mastrantonio) may have followed her father into the law, but she embodies the kind of values he despises and is embittered about her long-suffering mother. Daddy (the ever reliable Hackman) is a flamboyant civil liberties lawyer who has spent his life championing the underdog and pursuing extra-marital affairs. When a class action lawsuit comes along, involving injured drivers and a car manufacturer accused of producing dangerous vehicles, guess which lawyers decide to take up opposing sides? Apted builds up a combative atmosphere both in and out of the courtroom, but the studied contrivances which work so well before the judge appear more strained during the emotional confrontations, which ambitiously attempt to redress all wrongs. Worthy stuff, most effective during the courtroom theatricals.

By: CM


Release details

109 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Apted
Carolyn Shelby, Christopher Ames, Samantha Shad
Gene Hackman
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Colin Friels
Joanna Merlin
Larry Fishburne
Donald Moffat
Jan Rubes
Matt Clark
Fred Dalton Thompson
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