Class of 1984


Time Out says

A stomping reworking of The Blackboard Jungle for the '80s, with Perry King - in the part of the well-meaning teacher originally played by Glenn Ford - faced with a bunch of delinquents who make Ford's sulky juveniles look quite angelic by comparison: psychos, pushers and hookers throng the class of '84 carrying a fancy range of weaponry which somehow escapes the metal detector in the hall. And ultimately King wins through not by patience or insight or understanding, but by something more old-fashioned, like ramming them with cars and smashing their brains out on the concrete. While there can be no doubt that in true tabloid style Class of 1984 feeds on everything it is condemning, as an energetic comic strip it has considerable fascination.

By: DP


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Mark L Lester
Mark L Lester, John Saxton, Tom Holland
Perry King
Merrie Lynn Ross
Timothy Van Patten
Roddy McDowall
Stefan Arngrim
Michael Fox
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