Class of Nuke 'Em High

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

There's a leaky nuclear plant behind the high school, and that's where the local marijuana crop grows in a pool of pulsating green fizz. After one eerily glowing joint, Warren and Chrissie are able to mutate (and de-mutate) at will. Following a bout of protected sex (she keeps her shorts on) Chrissie gives birth through the navel to a giant tadpole that disappears down the loo to grow into a rubber-mask guy, who unerringly spikes, squishes and decapitates bad boys and girls only. To add to this excitement the high school party is bikinis only, and just one radioactive kiss turns the German teacher on to bondage wear. The melting heads and similar consequences of sloppy industrial practices are rendered more expertly than you'd expect, but the cast seem to know they'd better hang on to their day jobs.

By: DO


Release details

85 mins

Cast and crew

Richard W Haines, Samuel Weil Lloyd Kaufman
Richard W Haines, Mark Rudnitsky, Lloyd Kaufman, Stuart Strutin
Janelle Brady
Gilbert Brenton
Robert Prichard
RL Ryan
James Nugent Vernon
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