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Time Out says

We all wish we had a life-changing remote control to silence the neighbour’s barking dog, freeze-frame the boss, etc. But does this mean there’s a satisfying movie to be made from this attractive conceit? Adam Sandler and his ‘Wedding Singer’ director Frank Coraci haven’t quite cracked it, possibly because they’ve delivered a domestic tragedy masquerading as a frothy frolic. Workaholic Sandler neglects the wife and kids but, armed with a universal remote from sinister boffin Morty (Christopher Walken on autopilot), his time management improves immeasurably, since he can fast-forward through boring family meals and his complaining spouse (Kate Beckinsale in doormat mode). But over-reliance on the device soon sets in, and eventually the realisation dawns that he’s missed out on a lot in the meantime. Although the tiresome repetition of the central gag nullifies any comic potential, there’s a sense that the filmmakers have nailed the essential can’t-be-arsedness of the modern male – an insight that surely deserves better treatment than a clunky Adam Sandler flick.



Release details

Release date:
Friday September 29 2006
107 mins

Cast and crew

Frank Coraci
Steve Koren, Mark O'Keefe
Adam Sandler
Kate Beckinsale
Christopher Walken
David Hasselhoff
Henry Winkler
Julie Kavner
Sean Astin