Close to the Border


Time Out says

A city journalist discovers the meaning of commitment while in political exile in the country. It's set in 1978 in Argentina, during the military junta, and for some reason it's shot to resemble '70s B-movie schlock, almost as if the writer/producer/director had learned mise-en-scène from watching the Airplane movies. Hitching a ride incognito, our hapless hero claims to be an archeologist. 'Oh, perhaps you can tell me what this is?' says his driver, handing him an old piece of pottery from the glove compartment. Priceless. Regrettably, this unpersuasive take on the familiar theme is framed as a doleful moral drama.

By: TCh


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Rodolfo Durán
Rodolfo Durán
Claudio Gallardou
Ulises Dumont
Leonor Manso
Victor Laplace
Alberto Benegas
Mirna Suarez
Paula Pourtale
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