Closing Numbers


Time Out says

A comfortable family is thrown in turmoil by infidelity and the spectre of HIV in this Channel 4 movie. Jane Asher's the housewife whose routine existence is ruptured by the shock discovery of husband Woodward's on-going affair with a male lover (Pearson), who in turn is understandably shaken up by caring for his close friend Charnock as he suffers through the advanced stages of full-blown AIDS. Scriptwriter David Cook (who wrote C4's opening night film Walter) brings his customary sensitivity to bear on the subject matter, and all concerned tackle their roles with dedication - not least dancer Nigel Charnock in a typically self-lacerating role - but the scale is still one of middle-class chamber drama, however tough-minded and concerned.


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Stephen Whittaker
David Cook
Tim Woodward
Jane Asher
Frank Mills
Hazel Douglas
Jamie Glover
Patrick Pearson
Nigel Charnock
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