Club Le Monde


Time Out says

Given that styles date quickly in films about club culture, writer/director Rumley savvily deals the nostalgia card, setting Club Le Monde circa 1993. Completing a loose trilogy of London-based youth dramas, he links numerous characters over one night at the titular venue. Bubbly Ali (McKenzie) finds herself on the pull in front of her estranged ex-boyfriend; under-age toffs try to score; airheads share powder and gossip in the ladies' room; a tough-nut bouncer betrays his sensitivity; and a gaggle of drag queens stumble into the party. Club owner Danny (Harper) is a narrator of sorts: 'I see men and women, black and white, straight and gay - all getting along fine. That makes me feel glad to be alive, that does.' The devil is in the details, though: hilarious individuals like loved-up loon Mr Sunglasses (Nussbaum), clubbers wearing Carter USM and Silverfish T-shirts, real-life DJ heroes Mr C, Alex P and Brandon Block spinning anthems of the era. It adds up to a wistful rather than glamorous vision, basically a sitcom with a snappy bassline.


Release details

79 mins

Cast and crew

Simon Rumley
Simon Rumley
Danny Nussbaum
Emma Pike
Tania Emery
Lee Oakes
Emma Handy
Tom Connolly
Annette Badland
Frank Harper
Allison McKenzie
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