Film, Comedy

Time Out says

The cocoons of the title were left in the sea off the Florida coast by aliens. However, the pool of the house the aliens rent when they come back to collect them is regularly used by the occupants of an old folks home next door; when the seniors share the water with the cocoons, they find themselves rejuvenated, youngsters again in spirit. Essentially, this is sci-fi with a heart, albeit one made entirely of cheese. Both director and writer sometimes seem unsure whether to pitch the tale as knockabout comedy (Ameche, who won an Oscar for his turn, breakdances) or sentimental fable. It's to the lasting detriment of the movie that Howard, not for the first or last time, opts for the latter. Resistible.



Release details

117 mins

Cast and crew

Ron Howard
Tom Benedek
Don Ameche
Wilford Brimley
Hume Cronyn
Brian Dennehy
Jack Gilford
Maureen Stapleton
Jessica Tandy
Gwen Verdon
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