Cold Dog Soup


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A lusty young girl (Harnos) promises a wimpy boy (Whaley) that she will be his 'pressure cooker' if he agrees to bury her mother's recently deceased dog in the middle of the night. But his efforts are thwarted by a psychotic cabbie (Quaid), who insists that they sell the dog, and drags the couple on a tour of local nightspots in search of customers. What follows is the cinematic equivalent of water torture, a throbbing migraine of a movie in which our heroes encounter a catalogue of racial stereotypes, all wanting to know 'What's in the bag?' Chinese restaurateur, Jewish furrier, gang of trigger-happy brothers, voodoo coven of frenzied black zombies.. no stone is left unturned by Thomas Pope's horribly repetitive script, or by Alan Metter in his drivelling attempt to create a surreal comic nightmare. Kill yourself rather than endure it.


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