Cold Tracks


Time Out says

Guilt and sexual jealousy are the main dynamics behind Skouen's gloomy and intense tale about Oddmund, a former Resistance leader who caused the death of 12 refugees during the war. As we learn in flashback, he delayed their escape while he waited for his lover to arrive. By the time she arrived, the weather had worsened. Years later, Oddmund returns to the scene of his crime and comes face to face with his lover and her partner. The location footage is extraordinary. In the height of winter, Skouen and his cameraman spent a month up in the mountains, living in an abandoned hotel, in order to shoot the vicious blizzard sequences which fill the movie.) But the storms are mild by comparison with the recriminations between the guilty man and his former sweetheart.

By: GM


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Arne Skouen
Arne Skouen, Johan Borgen
Ragnhild Hald
Ehil Lorek
Toralv Maurstad
Sverre Holm
Henny Moan
Siv Skjønberg
Alf Malland
Lasse Nœsse
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