Color of Night


Time Out says

This - another of Willis's crimes against celluloid - is a special kind of bad. Connoisseurs of crud, however, will treasure its particular brand of klutzy chemistry. It would be unkind to give away too much of the delirious sequence of events that pass for a plot. Suffice to say that it involves hangdog Willis as a shrink understandably troubled by his patients' habit of jumping out the window during sessions; March as a so-called 'struggling actress' with whom Bruce becomes entangled; sundry scenes of murder, nymphomania, schizophrenia, etc; and, most enjoyably, the likes of Henriksen, Dourif and Warren as game members at a group therapy session, presumably intended for those unfortunates who can't spot a duff script to save their lives.

By: TJ


Release details

123 mins

Cast and crew

Richard Rush
Matthew Chapman, Billy Ray
Bruce Willis
Jane March
Ruben Blades
Lesley Ann Warren
Scott Bakula
Lance Henriksen
Brad Dourif
Kevin J O'Connor
Jeff Corey
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