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A low-budget independent alternative to the Jessica Lange Frances made a couple of years earlier, this sees McLaughlin as Hollywood actress Frances Farmer, reliving her memories while incarcerated in the mental institution to which she has been committed, and employs her as a litmus with which to measure American attitudes to political commitment, mental health, and strong women. It's become fashionable to regard Farmer as something of a martyr, and although she was certainly a talented actress treated abysmally by Hollywood, family and friends, it is hard now to ascertain the truth behind her downfall. That apart, this is an original and stylish movie, austere and bitter.

By: GA


Release details

79 mins

Cast and crew

Sheila McLaughlin, Lynne Tillman
Sheila McLaughlin, Lynne Tillman
Sheila McLaughlin
Victoria Boothby
Lee Breuer
John Erdman
Heinz Emighol
Lucy Sanger
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