Film, Science fiction

Time Out says

Novelist Whitley Strieber (Walken), taking friends, wife and young son to his country cabin, wakes up to the first of many meetings with 'non-human' creatures. They whisk him off inside their strange craft and subject him to rigorous, painful examination, yet he subsequently remembers nothing. As the encounters become more frequent, his behaviour becomes more erratic, and he agrees to undergo hypnosis sessions, which reveal the ordeals suppressed by his conscious mind. This misjudged adaptation of Strieber's 'true life' experiences (described in his best-seller) eschews his philosophical and scientific theories about the events, offering instead Strieber wielding rifles against the intruders and, in mellower mood, boogying with them. In aiming for the widest popular appeal, the film ends up in no man's land.

By: CM


Release details

101 mins

Cast and crew

Philippe Mora
Whitley Strieber
Christopher Walken
Lindsay Crouse
Joel Carlson
Frances Sternhagen
Andreas Katsulas
Terri Hanauer
Basil Hoffman
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