Compromising Positions


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A witty, unbuttoned script by Susan Isaacs, taken from her novel of the same name, puts ex-reporter Sarandon into the middle of a murder scandal that is rocking the well-manicured lawns of commuter-belt New York suburbia. A sleazy dentist, who has been putting more than just his water pick into his female patients' cavities, ends up with one of his own scalpels in the neck. With the help of a macho simpatico cop (Julia), Sarandon uncovers a pornography ring, along with some risqué polaroid shots of most of the local female population in various degrees of bondage. What gives her the edge in the investigation is her sympathy with the ladies, and her own wide-eyed innocence. It's all very humorous and engaging, if only for proving that American whodunits don't have to have car chases and brutality; and it has a wicked eye for the vacuity of middle-class good life and what it may conceal. Lots of feelthy girl talk, too. CPea.

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