WEDDING BALL BLUES For MacNeill, center, it's love, all.
WEDDING BALL BLUES For MacNeill, center, it's love, all.

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Framed as a fictional documentary, Confetti follows three couples who are competing in a magazine contest to stage the best novelty wedding. Matt and Sam (Freeman and Stevenson) envision a musical ceremony la Busby Berkeley, with leggy maids of honor gyrating on a giant three-layer wedding cake. Josef and Isabelle (Mangan and MacNeill), a pair of supercompetitive athletes, plan a Wimbledon-inspired tennis wedding with dancing ball boys and a sudden rainstorm. Michael and Joanna (Webb and Colman) are a naturist couple who, despite the protestations of the magazine’s editors, want to make their commitment to one another in the buff. Meanwhile, a pair of gay wedding planners (Franklin and Watkins) buzz about, gamely providing marital counseling, telling off pushy mothers-in-law and procuring washed-up English pop star Cliff Richard for a surprise performance.

Confetti marries the deadpan comedic style of The Office to the loopy camp of Strictly Ballroom while wearing its plainly sentimental heart on its sleeve. As with any improvised comedy—there was no screenplay—the jokes can hit or miss. Still, Confetti hurtles toward the Big Day at a jaunty clip, and the energetic cast, enduring all manner of indignities, is a delight.—Tom Beer

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