Cool Hand Luke


Time Out says

A caustically witty look at the American South and its still-surviving chain gangs, with Newman in fine sardonic form as the boss-baiter who refuses to submit and becomes a hero to his fellow-prisoners. Underlying the hard-bitten surface is a slightly uncomfortable allegory which identifies Newman as a Christ figure (and reminds one that Rosenberg once directed the awful, Moral Rearmament-ish Question 7). But this scarcely detracts from the brilliantly idiosyncratic script (by Donn Pearce from his own novel) or from Conrad Hall's glittering camerawork (which survives Rosenberg's penchant for the zoom lens and shots reflected in sun-glasses).

By: TM


Release details

127 mins

Cast and crew

Stuart Rosenberg
Donn Pearce, Frank R Pierson
Paul Newman
George Kennedy
JD Cannon
Lou Antonio
Robert Drivas
Strother Martin
Jo Van Fleet
Clifton James
Dennis Hopper
Harry Dean Stanton
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