Corrina, Corrina


Time Out says

Jessie Nelson's movie is loosely based on his own childhood, and no better for it. The story - little Molly (Majorino) withdraws into a world of silence after her mother's death, causing more grief for her dad (Liotta), until he discovers the perfect nanny (Goldberg), who teaches her to trust her tongue and him his heart again - is stuff you'd stash in a locket. It's a Whoopi vehicle, and the only interest is in Hollywood's tailoring of the race issue to fit the star. Her Corrina is doing the Mary Poppins gig because she can't get a break in the white world. She dreams of writing the sleeve notes to jazz albums and, to illustrate how the system permits blacks to play but not write about jazz, spins Bill Evans' 'Peace Piece' - which is confusing, since Evans was white. Liotta plays Jewish. That's about the level of the debate, but a nearly transparent Don Ameche turns in his last performance, and cinematographer Bruce Surtees gives Rolls-Royce lensing.


Release details

116 mins

Cast and crew

Jessie Nelson
Jessie Nelson
Whoopi Goldberg
Ray Liotta
Tina Majorino
Don Ameche
Wendy Crewson
Joan Cusack
Jennifer Lewis
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