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Time Out says

Made before MASH (and subjected to re-editing by the studio), Altman's drama about American astronauts being rushed to the moon in an attempt to beat the Russians is a surprisingly human affair, concentrating less on sci-fi hardware than on the emotional crises affecting the men and their families. Slightly soapy in parts, but overall it's an intelligent and taut little film, interesting for the way it foreshadows not only the actual look of the Apollo capsules but also Altman's later style: the lack of interest in 'plot', the overlapping dialogue, and the imaginative use of the 'scope frame are all there, if in embryonic form.

By: GA


Release details

101 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Altman
Loring Mandel
James Caan
Robert Duvall
Joanna Moore
Barbara Baxley
Michael Murphy
Steve Ihnat
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