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A well told if conventional tale of rural bigotry, narrow horizons and pointless feuds, this steady, painstaking movie centres on a a farmer's household in Co. Down - belt-wielding father Frank (Cave, first rate), resentful son Con (Lydon) and young Jack (Pritchard) - into which comes emotional/dramatic catalyst Miriam (Harrow, struggling with the accent). The villain is Mike Clifford, a hater of wide-ranging appetite, and an agent of corruption/destruction with regard to the innocence and hopes of the entire Murphy family. Writer/director Liddy favours gently heightened imagery (rather overdoing the rhapsodic barley-field landscapes) and seems unashamed of his allegiance to the Ladybird Book of Cinematic Symbolism. But his trust in the impact of patiently rendered universal emotions more than pays off.

By: WH


Release details

92 mins

Cast and crew

Kevin Liddy
Kevin Liddy
Lisa Harrow
Des Cave
Gary Lydon
Marcella Plunkett
Pat Laffan
Laurence Kinlan
Dean Pritchard
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