Time Out says

In this uninspired remake of the 1975 French film Cousin Cousine, dance instructor Larry (Danson) and flirtatious wife Tish (Young) become, through complications attendant upon a marriage, distant relatives of some sort to aggressive car rep Tom (Petersen) and his dithering spouse Maria (Rossellini). Celebrations hardly begin before Tish is openly attaching herself to Tom. Confiding their mutual sense of an impending collapse of family ties, Larry and Maria find themselves platonically drawn to one another. Tom, being aware of his wife's growing relationship, does what any butch hypocritical chauvinist would do, and thumps Larry. Will Tom and Tish and Larry and Maria find total happiness, or just go back to being odd couples? The answer's sadly obvious. The film's failure lies in its characterisation: far too many folk have been flung in from all directions, allowing little chance for the central figures to emerge, let alone gell. A ragged, unfunny affair.

By: DA


Release details

113 mins

Cast and crew

Joel Schumacher
Stephen Metcalfe
Ted Danson
Isabella Rossellini
Sean Young
William Petersen
Lloyd Bridges
Norma Aleandro
Keith Coogan
Gina De Angelis
George Coe
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