Crack in the Mirror

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

Yes, this is about drug-taking in New York. The movie wants to do two things: to attract a lucrative young audience, and to deliver a heavy anti-drugs message. The two, unfortunately, are mutually exclusive in this case. Scott (Benson) and Vanessa (Kitaen) are young, beautiful, and upwardly mobile. To look at their Park Avenue apartment and trendy attire, you'd never believe they were short of dosh, but they are; so short that preppy, clean-living Scott goes AWOL to take over a drugs empire for a villain he hardly knows. Unlikely? Well, get this. While the dealer is hiding from the mob, Scott settles into his employer's high-tech penthouse, and within days has taken to coke-dealing and crack manufacturing like a duck to water. The downward spiral of self-debasement begins as Vanessa gets into crack in a big way, and Scott discovers that, when high, he'll sleep with any old beautiful girl, but will come too quickly. It ends in tragedy. Score by Nile Rodgers (funky); fashion by Rosemary Ponzo (tacky); moral (missed opportunities); drugs (uncredited). Gross movie.

By: EP


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Robby Benson
Robert Madero
Robby Benson
Tawny Kitaen
Danny Aiello
Kevin Gray
Cliff Bemis
Tony Levine
Paul Herman
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