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Time Out says

A modest but gripping little thriller set in and around a big New York art gallery, with O'Brien as the expert on forgeries who is dismissed when his erratic conduct - due, he claims, to having been in a train crash of which there proves to be no record - is put down to drunkenness. Setting out to clear his name through a fog of amnesia (in fact the train wreck was an illusion produced by way of an injection of sodium pentothal), he uncovers a vast, ramifying plot to substitute forgeries for masterpieces on loan to the museum. Marginally intriguing for its view of art (pro populist, anti élitist stuff like surrealism), it's made as a thriller by the excellent supporting cast and fine, noir-ish camerawork from Robert de Grasse.

By: TM


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Irving Reis
John Paxton, Ben Bengal, Ray Spencer
Pat O'Brien
Claire Trevor
Herbert Marshall
Ray Collins
Wallace Ford
Dean Harens
Erskine Sanford
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