Film, Horror

Time Out says

London antique shop owner Palance becomes enslaved to an African idol which demands female sacrifices in return for worldly goods. But with such a poor and perfunctory script which quickly establishes Palance as nutty as they come and reduces him to uttering every line as though it had been dragged out of him only after half-an-hour's torture, we're left depending on the numerous cameo roles. At least Evans, Howard, Griffith and Dors ensure that the film is in safe hands, but ultimately their brief appearances can't compensate for the yawning gaps elsewhere. Francis does little to make it atmospheric, so it's soon down to the staple diet of sex'n'murder.


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Freddie Francis
Aben Kandel, Herman Cohen
Jack Palance
Diana Dors
Julie Ege
Edith Evans
Hugh Griffith
Trevor Howard
Michael Jayston
Suzy Kendall
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