Crazy Mama

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Not so much a sequel to Corman's Bloody Mama, more a good-natured parody of the Bonnie and Clyde family gangster genre, scripted by Robert Thom. Demme took on this riotous Corman production at very short notice, and played up the laughs rather than the violence. Set in the '50s, the story centres on Depression child Melba Stokes (Leachman) and her journey from West to East coast along with mom (Sothern) and daughter (Purl), gathering together en route a motley band united in their sufferance at the hands of the law. Demme brings to the sly social commentary his usual deft choice of rock'n'roll standards, and draws enthusiastic performances from his wacky cast.


Release details

82 mins

Cast and crew

Jonathan Demme
Robert Thom
Cloris Leachman
Stuart Whitman
Jim Backus
Ann Sothern
Donny Most
Linda Purl
Bryan Englund
Merie Earle
Dick Miller
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