Creature from the Haunted Sea


Time Out says

Corman: 'Since we were already in this great location (Puerto Rico), I thought, Why not stay here one more week and shoot another movie?' A week's schedule is about what you'd infer watching this ramshackle knockabout, in which some comedy gangsters led by a Bogart lookalike and a bunch of comic opera Cuban generals put to sea with the hijacked Havana treasury, only to be stalked and eaten by an amphibious monster which appears to be made of wool. Of mild interest for Griffith's cod-Spillane narration and the less than polished performance of future Chinatown writer Towne as a gormless FBI agent.

By: BBa


Release details

74 mins

Cast and crew

Roger Corman
Charles B Griffith
Antony Carbone
Betsy Jones-Morland
Edward Wain Robert Towne
Robert Bean
Beech Dickerson
Esther Sandoval
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