Creepshow 2

Film, Horror

Time Out says

Just as you can't judge a '50s comic book by its lurid cover, so you can't judge a cheapo, three-part film by its sources: in this case, original stories by Stephen King and a screenplay by George Romero. The linking animation sequences featuring a young comic reader are reasonably effective, but first-timer Gornick's direction is so painfully inept that not one of the episodes is even slightly scary, let alone horrifying. See a wooden cigar-store Indian come to life and bump off even more wooden teenage delinquents in Old Chief Wood'nhead! See dope-smoking teenage swimmers terrorised by a floating bin-liner in The Raft! See a sexually-active married woman, who has just enjoyed six orgasms ('count 'em') with a paid stud, terrorised by the indestructible Hitch-hiker! Marvel at the film's hypocritical moralising! The only terrifying thing about Creepshow 2 is the thought of Creepshow 3.


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Gornick
George A Romero
George Kennedy
Dorothy Lamour
Lois Chiles
Tom Wright
Stephen King
Tom Savini
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