Time Out says

Shot in English, and in grainy high-contrast b/w in the US, this reflective, stylish but heavy-handed blend of muted realism, melodrama and film noir focuses on a gentle businessman who embezzles a fortune to buy his nagging wife her dream house, only to find that she's been cheating on him. As he takes to the road, meeting up with a disenchanted damsel in distress, the film begins to exert a strange, poetic power not unlike that of, say, Detour - but far more tender. Bleak, crude even, but decked out with fine performances and a good use of music ('50s kitsch and John Adams' Shaker Loops).


Release details

80 mins

Cast and crew

David Jacobson
David Jacobson
Ralph Feliciello
Gianfranco Piras
Eric Reid
Tim Miller
Sheila York
Liz Sherman
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