Criss Cross

Film, Thrillers
Criss Cross

Time Out says

Wonderfully seedy tale of betrayal and obsession from superb noir-thriller stylist Siodmak. Beautifully shot (Franz Planer) and scripted (Daniel Fuchs), it bears more than a slight resemblance to the same director's The Killers. Again Lancaster is the fall guy, an armoured-car payroll guard still brooding over his ex-wife (De Carlo), who has taken up with gangster Slim Dundee (Duryea) but leads Lancaster to believe that they can make a new start with booty gained from a daring heist if he will go through with it. As always with Siodmak, the suspense is maintained throughout by taut pacing, visual precision, and excellent characterisation.


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Siodmak
Daniel Fuchs
Burt Lancaster
Richard Long
Yvonne De Carlo
Stephen McNally
Dan Duryea
Tony Curtis