Cruel Passion


Time Out says

The improbabilities of this awkward period sexploiter (which vainly attempts to emulate the look of Barry Lyndon) are compounded by a strain of casual nastiness which would be thoroughly offensive were it not so carelessly handled. Two sisters are expelled from a nunnery; one takes to harlotry, the other hangs on to her virginity, only to be raped in the last reel prior to being torn to pieces by Doberman Pinschers. Drawn from Sade, the film is veneered with a spurious morality which supposedly made its catchpenny cruelty somehow acceptable to the censor.


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Chris Boger
Ian Cullen
Koo Stark
Lydia Lisle
Martin Potter
Hope Jackman
Katherine Kath
Maggie Petersen
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