Time Out says

An intriguing and often impressive debut feature in which, following a car crash, the driver (Harden) - a predatory young American - takes the place of her injured literary critic friend (Rees), then insinuates herself into the home and hearts of a famous writer (Zappa) and his teenage daughter (Bossley). A study in deceit, manipulation, obsession and awakening awareness, Maclean's film starts unsteadily - the narrative a mite too elliptical and enigmatic for its own good - but slowly resolves itself into a powerful if faintly overheated melodrama. Beautifully performed, however, and shot with a great deal of dramatic resonance in a bleak, dank New Zealand countryside full of glooping geysers and precarious footholds.


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Alison Maclean
Alison Maclean, Anne Kennedy
Marcia Gay Harden
Donogh Rees
Caitlin Bossley
William Zappa
Pete Smith
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