Cry from the Mountain


Time Out says

When Parker takes his ten-year-old son on a canoeing trip in the Alaskan wilderness to break the news of his impending divorce, he bashes his head when their kayak collapses. An old mountain dweller (Cavan) comes to the rescue, and - he's an ardent evangelist - accompanies the pair home, where he convinces the wife (Walter) to go to a Billy Graham crusade. The sermon convinces her, like her hospitalised husband, that there is a way to solve their problems. She and her son are born again, the old man is born again, and the viewer is invited by Graham's voice to follow suit. It's a well-worn weepie formula, but there's little in the simplistic working out of the plot or the idea of salvation as an all-round happy ending to move sceptics very far.

By: EP


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

James F Collier
Daniel L Quick
James Cavan
Wes Parker
Rita Walter
Chris Kidd
Coleen Gray
Jerry Ballew
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