Crying Freeman

Film, Drama

Time Out says

Based on an epic Japanese comic book of rare intelligence and detail, this is almost too reverential towards its source material: several sequences inspire déjà vu, having literally been story-boarded in the original manga; and both Dacascos, as the eponymous Chinese assassin who cries when he makes a hit, and Condra, as the virgin who falls for the soft-hearted hard man, look the part uncannily. Director Gans tries honourably to put the Art into martial arts, but comes fatally unstuck. Though slo-mo fight sequences distance the action from your traditional Jackie Chan beat-'em-ups, you find yourself longing for some good, old-fashioned shit-kicking. When we finally get it, and discover that Dacascos not only looks like Johnny Depp on steroids, but that he could whup Jean-Claude Van Damme's sorry ass as Hollywood's next action hero, you just wonder what took him so long.


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Christophe Gans
Christopher Gans, Thierry Cazals
Byron Mann
Julie Condra
Rae Dawn Chong
Mark Dacascos
Masaya Kato
Tcheky Karyo