Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

'Havana, Cuba, 1959'. Lucky they print this on the screen, as it's the first and last coherent piece of information you can glean from Lester's political love story, which mentions neither politics nor love but plays out its actions against a background of both. Confused? So, it would seem, was Lester, for his indecision over making either element dominant produces a central love affair which is hollow, and a revolution which is just so much local colour. Ultimately, it's about corruption, apathy and crumbling values, in all their seedy splendour. Everyone is on the lam: Connery, a mercenary for Batista; Adams, a female cuckold with her eyes wide open, but wedded to wealth and power; Elliott, a crop-sprayer turned gunrunner. Not so much 'Cuba Si' as Cuba...what?

By: FF


Release details

122 mins

Cast and crew

Richard Lester
Charles Wood
Sean Connery
Hector Elizondo
Denholm Elliott
Brooke Adams
Lonette McKee
Jack Weston
Martin Balsam
Chris Sarandon
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