Cuba Libre – Velocipedi ai Tropici


Time Out says

This putative update of Bicycle Thieves is full of rambling but seductive incident. It focuses on the arrival in Havana of a plane load of Italians: a venal promo director seeking revolutionary posters and poverty as a backdrop to shoe commercials; a bossy 'capitalist' setting up a restaurant; a self-obsessed 50-year-old poet forever declaiming his verse from the rooftops; a student come to research Zavattini's Cuban period, who fails to notice a real-life version of the De Sica tale re-run before his eyes. Writer/director Riondino, who also stars, may not turn tourist clichés about Cuba on their heads, but he leads them a merry, salsa seasoned dance.

By: WH


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

David Riondino
David Riondino, Roberto Duiz, Francesco Bruni, Paolo Virzi
David Riondino
Sabina Guzzanti
Antonio Catania
Dario Cassini
Bjliana Bosniakovic
Remo Remotti
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