Curtis's Charm


Time Out says

Small but beguiling movie, based on a story by Jim Carroll. A recovering heroin addict runs into an old comrade-in-arms in the park, but Curtis is crawling the bench with fright: he thinks he's being followed by a squirrel. His voodoo juju mother-in-law has put a spell on him, he explains. The man needs a talisman to protect him. Even at 75 minutes this feels over-extended, and the budget evidently didn't stretch to New York locations, but it's a cool, off-the-wall conversation piece, snappily put together with a darkly humorous sense of the metaphysical.


Release details

75 mins

Cast and crew

John L'Ecuyer
John L'Ecuyer
Maurice Dean Wint
Callum Keith Rennie
Rachael Crawford
Barbara Barnes-Hopkins
Hugh Dillon
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