CutThroat Island

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

The pirate movie requires a dashing male star and a dose of lightly self-deprecating humour. In this $90m revisionist swashbuckler, we get Geena Davis doing the all-action honours, and a hotchpotch script that seems to think pirate movies are so funny in themselves the need for more humour is superfluous. The plot's well worn: a treasure map is sought by the star, her ill-matched cohort Modine, dully rhubarbing villain Langella, and others. On screen the money has bought yards of 17th century Jamaican fixtures and fittings, a couple of attractive galleons, and a warehouse of Semtex. Harlin is never a man to shy away from the lure of Very Big Explosions, and, on a technical level, the spectacle's impressive. The only actor to make much of an impact is Malahide's colonial officer, who extracts tart irony from the merest crumbs.


Release details

125 mins

Cast and crew

Renny Harlin
Marc Norman, Robert King
Rex Linn
Stan Shaw
Maury Chaykin
Patrick Malahide
Geena Davis
Harris Yulin
Frank Langella
Matthew Modine
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