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Time Out says

He's smart, nice, liked by all, so why make a film about this boring little jerk? The first half is somewhat short on drama as the new boy in town (Oliver) establishes himself as a wiz at advanced calculus, brill at baseball, and insufferably cute. Eventually, however, the heavies arrive: this microchip marvel (Data Analysing Robot Youth Lifeform) is the Pentagon's most powerful secret weapon since Cruise, and now the army wants it back, please. Oz director Wincer has produced a bland slice of ersatz Americana that's about as folksy as MacDonalds apple pie; a filming-by-numbers mix of small-town nostalgia, soapy family drama and high-tech sfx, this Dreary Android Runaway Yarn Lags way behind the Spielberg thoroughbreds it tries so hard to ape.

By: SJo


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Simon Wincer
David Ambrose, Allan Scott, Jeffrey Ellis
Mary Beth Hurt
Michael McKean
Kathryn Walker
Colleen Camp
Josef Sommer
Ron Frazier
Barret Oliver
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