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Daddy's Dyin' – Who's Got the Will?

  • Film

Time Out says

A flaccid adaptation by Del Shores of his own play in which the title tells all: while Texan patriarch Bert Remsen lies on his death-bed, his offspring assemble for a binge of bickering greed. Beer-swilling Beau Bridges and six-times divorced C&W singer Beverly D'Angelo are only concerned with who gets what; older sister (Wright) is into that old-time religion, while the other (Harper) is worried fiancé Keith Carradine will fall prey to the promiscuous charms of D'Angelo, whose neglected hippy lover (Reinhold) seems to be mighty fond of Bridges' dumpy wife (Darbo). Meanwhile grandmomma (McClure) strives to invest Remsen's last days with a modicum of peace and dignity. Dull, dated and displaying its stage origins at every turn, this clichéd account of sibling strife convinces neither as black comedy nor in its dim final hymn to family unity. Worse, a largely superior cast is let down by Fisk's stolid direction.
Written by GA
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